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: Clubs, pubs ignore police CCTV register
Отправлено admin в 31.8.09 17:50 (7181 прочитали)

Clubs, pubs ignore police CCTV register

WA Police have defended a CCTV project aimed at cracking down on anti-social behaviour in licensed venues despite hardly any interest in the program from clubs or pubs throughout Perth and Fremantle.

The Blue Iris CCTV Register was launched in April by Police Minister Rob Johnson, who said the program would give police access to live vision from CCTV cameras which could allow them to act faster when an incident arose and speed up the investigation process.

However, out of the dozen nightclubs and bars around Perth and Fremantle that WAtoday contacted, only one could confirm they were aware of the system after police had approached them about registering.

The Australian Hotels Association WA branch also revealed it had not been advised of the joint police and Government program.

Mr Johnson forecast in a statement on April 3 that Blue Iris - which was a voluntary register for businesses - would provide WA Police with access to "4000-6000 cameras this year alone, significantly boosting their ability to fight crime on our streets".

But with violence and other forms of anti-social behaviour escalating in entertainment hotspots around Perth - especially in Northbridge and Fremantle - the message about Blue Iris seems to have not filtered

Source: http://www.watoday.com.au/[/size][/font]

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