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: Historic house gets CCTV security
Отправлено admin в 31.8.09 17:52 (6581 прочитали)

Historic house gets CCTV security

An historic house and gardens in Swindon are to be protected by CCTV cameras, after vandals damaged it.

Windows were broken at 18th Century Lydiard House in the incident, which happened earlier in the year.

Swindon Borough Council, which owns the stately home, is now to install £33,000 of surveillance cameras and other security equipment at the site.

Cllr Keith Williams said the measures would deter anti-social behaviour at Lydiard Park and save money.

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money has had to be used repairing the windows at the historic site, and dealing with other serious vandalism episodes over the years.

A total of nine cameras will now survey the site.

Stuart Webb, Lydiard Park's manager, said: "We're right on the edge of Swindon and a site like this comes with issues around security and anti-social behaviour.

"Like everybody else, we have problems - we had problems last year. Putting the cameras in place is part of a raft of measures to make sure people feel safe and make sure they have a fantastic time when they visit Lydiard."

The house was historically home of the aristocratic Bolingbroke family.

Source: BBC news

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