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: Texas town installs CCTV cameras
Отправлено admin в 12.7.09 10:57 (5506 прочитали)

Texas town installs CCTV cameras

The city of Bryan, Texas, with help from ADT Security Services, recently installed a CCTV system in its downtown area to help increase security.

According to a statement issued by ADT, the first phase of the multi-phase camera system, which will cover the city’s revitalized downtown area, has been completed. The cameras will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and be monitored by personnel with the Bryan Police Department.

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: US wants privacy in new cyber security system
Отправлено admin в 3.7.09 13:11 (4714 прочитали)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is moving cautiously on a new pilot program that would both detect and stop cyber attacks against government computers, while trying to ensure citizen privacy protections.

The pilot program, known as Einstein 3, was supposed to launch in February. But the Department of Homeland Security is still pulling the plan together, according to senior administration officials.

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: CCTV to tackle anti-social behaviours
Отправлено admin в 3.7.09 13:09 (4294 прочитали)

A £108,000 CCTV pilot scheme is to be introduced in the Holyland area of south Belfast to deter anti-social behaviour.

The pilot scheme, spearheaded by the council and police, could mean that mobile cameras will be stationed at notorious problem spots in the city.

The move follows riots which broke out in the university area on St Patrick's Day, during which police officers came under attack.

The trouble cost police more than £35,000.

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: 'Faster justice' from CCTV centre
Отправлено admin в 24.5.09 12:53 (4464 прочитали)

'Faster justice' from CCTV centre

A new CCTV monitoring centre which police believe will lead to faster justice is being opened in Brighton.

The digital centre at John Street police station is part of a £2m CCTV upgrade which replaces the outdated analogue system introduced in 1994.

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: Access control meets parking management
Отправлено admin в 27.4.09 14:51 (6013 прочитали)

How to expand your security efficiency by linking building access control with parking management

Access control and parking management often have, at best, an arms-length relationship in facility planning and security.

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